Always a Need

In the State of California, there are many children in foster care who are awaiting permanent families. Koinonia Family Services and other agencies work with the counties to match these children to homes that can be their forever families. Our desire as an agency is to find families for children rather than find children for families. Too often, kids are bounced from foster home to foster home and never know permanency or stability.

Our resource and concurrent planning families often take children who are labeled hard-to-place (kids 6 and over, sibling sets of 3 or more and kids with special physical or emotional needs). The greatest need is families who are willing to love, support and nurture a child through the difficult journey from the traumatic circumstance of being removed from their birth family through the reunification process, or the failure of that process, and be available for adoption. This can be an emotionally trying time for a child. A caring and stable adult who can put the child’s needs above their own desires can really make this time in their lives less traumatic and plant seeds of love that will last a lifetime.

Written by Janice Vandiver – Janice is a Social Worker with Konoinia Family Services.

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