Hope that Doesn’t Disappoint

Julie had always wanted children. Bill had always wanted foster children. The Born family was to see how God would merge and expand those two dreams. Bill and Julie’s plan was: get married-have children when they were ready-then, adopt children after their biological children were a bit older. However, God had Plan B. Julie couldn’t get pregnant for 2 years before giving birth to Billy and then years later, lost their second baby. Their hopes of having any more children were dashed. They were hit hard with the reality that God’s plans were going to be different than their plans. What they did not realize at that time is that His plan would be far better.

In early 2006, Bill and Julie decided they would pursue a foster/adoption of a girl age two or younger. They realized the risks involved since the first priority of foster care is to reunite children with their parents and relatives. Three months after Maria’s birth, one of her birth family members said she wanted Maria. The thought of losing Maria was almost too much for them to bear. Bill began going home over lunch to pray and fast with Julie. Together, they sought to know God in a more intimate way. They struggled with how to pray to Him in a difficult situation like this. Psalm 33:20-22 became their anchor. It says, in part, “Wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield…In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.” (NIV)

As they were packing Maria’s onesies, baby bottles and diaper bag, Julie clung to several realities, including: God loves Maria more than they do and He would take care of her, and God doesn’t waste anything, not even the 5 1/2 months Maria had spent with them. Julie gained a new peace and freedom from acknowledging that she didn’t have to be in charge. God could handle the situation and could calm a raging storm. Little did she envision what that would mean. Two hours before they were to hand over Maria, the social worker called to say that the court council was canceling the transfer. Several months later, the court declared Maria adoptable.

Throughout the difficult months of waiting on the Lord, they were struck by two thoughts. First, the whole Trinity family supported them in prayer and with heartfelt concern. Foster care and adoption is not something anyone can go through alone. Second, whether our children are entrusted to us by birth or adoption, a higher calling is to reach those children for the Lord’s eternal family. Adoption is only one of many ways to fulfill the Christian’s mandate to make disciples.

In February, 2008, Maria Joy officially became a Born. You might say, she was born August 30, 2006 and Born February 19, 2008.PS. We rejoice with Bill & Julie as they await their third child, a second biological child, “as we speak”!

Written by Donna Walker

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