Once Upon a Dream

“Once there was a boy and a girl. They grew to love each other and they had a little family. And then God put an amazing dream in their hearts. That dream was you…” These are the words of a book we’ve made that we will read to our daughter once we are united. She is still in Ethiopia right now, and even though we don’t know who she is, we already love her.

People ask us, “Why not have your own kid?” “Why adoption?” “Why Ethiopia?” and these are good questions, but for us it comes down to really wanting to take our family in a new direction. Our daughter will connect us with Africa, the AIDS crisis, and the world in ways that we could only dream about. She will open our hearts and our perspective and give us a chance to see God working in the world.

Ethiopia is a country rich in tradition and spirituality. Famine and unrest have created devastating conditions for many and resulted in an estimated 4.6 million orphans. The numbers are staggering. In spite of this, families do all they can to stay together, to care for their little ones, and to love and nurture their children. Too often death and the inability to provide leaves parents with few options and many children lose one or both parents and are relinquished to care centers.

That’s where we come in. Once we made the life-changing decision to adopt, we had to choose our agency, consider funding this new dream and tell the people closest to us so we could start processing on a deeper level. These things can be daunting and there are many questions and fears to contend with, but let us tell you how amazing and wonderful this journey has been already.

So some day soon our daughter will have her little book read to her, and here’s how the rest of the story goes: “they have lots and lots of family and friends who are all ready to love you. We’ll eat together and go for walks and listen to music and play and we’ll kiss you and hold you and love you forever. But for now we’re waiting and praying and hoping that soon you’ll be here with us.

Written by Nicole Rosenbaum

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