Our Forever Family

Our journey toward adopting a child began a long time before any paperwork was completed, country was selected or child was referred. Early on, the Lord planted in Brian’s heart the dream of adopting a child from another country. My heart took longer to come around. God did this through several messages given at our church here in Georgia. I was confronted with the Lord’s command to parents in Ephesians to disciple our children (Ephesians 6:4). I began to see child-rearing as a viable ministry and way to serve the Lord during our short time on earth. The Lord also began to show me how adoption is so very near to His heart. There are countless examples of spiritual adoption throughout the Bible. Perhaps the best example, though, is in our own relationship with our Heavenly Father through Jesus. We are each His adopted children and He gave us a place of honor in His family.

As a family, we were also challenged to pray for something big – something that can only be answered by an all-powerful, sovereign, creative, and loving God. So we prayed that God would show us if He wanted us to be a forever family for an orphaned child. In steps of obedience and faith, we began to walk our journey, trusting that God would open [and close] doors as He led us toward His perfect will. A friend referred us to an adoption agency called All God’s Children International. The country of Bulgaria seemed to best fit our family (at that point, we had to refer to a map of Eastern Europe. None of us even knew where it was located!) We have continued to walk in faith, believing we will find our child in Bulgaria.

So far, the Lord has confirmed that we are indeed following His will. We are in the “waiting” stage; we are officially registered with the government of Bulgaria and are waiting for them to match us with a little girl who needs a family. We are trusting that this is part of the Lord’s timing. We are trusting Him to provide the finances needed for the adoption process. We are trusting Him to prepare our three biological children and ourselves to receive this little girl and love her. And we feel honored that the Lord would give our family such a calling as loving and caring for one of His precious, precious children.

Written by Karen Mount – Brian & Karen Mount are two of our our church missionaries serving with Operation Mobilization.

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