What’s the Big Deal?

“You were adopted?!” Growing up, I never quite understood what was the big deal behind that question. I know what it meant for me. There wasn’t a time I didn’t know I was chosen, wanted and very loved. I grew up with parents who loved me unconditionally and an older brother (also adopted) who treated me like royalty (and he still does).

People often ask “Do you want to find your ‘real’ parents?” Help me out here. Why look for someone who is not lost? I know exactly where my real parents are. They are the ones caring for me, loving me, sacrificing for me, listening to me, saying “We’re so proud of you.” My mom spoke at my dad’s funeral last year and said that my brother and I were the best gifts God could have ever given them. Growing up with that kind of love only made God’s love easier to understand. Adoption is God’s idea (Ephesians 1:5) and for those of us who were adopted by earthly parents, we just get the privilege of understanding all the more the amazing truth that we are adopted by our Heavenly Father.

So, yes I am adopted. Just as my Heavenly Father adopted me as his beloved child and in doing so rescued me from sin and death, so my earthly parents, by adopting me, rescued me from a potentially difficult life to say the least. How wonderful it is that God in His sovereignty chose my course of life (Psalm 16: 5-6), which includes the parents that He gave me, to ultimately carve out a path that led me to Him.

Written by Amy Peterson

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