Love Letter to my Wife

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I have been attending an early Saturday morning men’s bible study for a couple of years now here at Trinity Church – not as a “leader” but as a participant, because pastors need the accountability, the brother to brother time, and an opportunity to just be a disciple of the Lord in the company of other men. It all sounds good, right? And it is, once I get there!  The pull of the warm bed on a dark and cold Saturday morning challenges my faith – and my will – almost every week. And some days, the bed wins!

We have just completed  a 16 week journey through the Authentic Manhood curriculum, “Winning at work and home” – focused input for men at all different ages and stages of life.  I used to feel like I was still one of the “younger” guys attending, mostly because my friend Jerry Johnson also made it his commitment to attend (Jerry was 92 at the time)…..then he moved away, and I got much more seasoned very quickly!  But I digress……

One of the assignments in the study was to write a  “Love Letter to my Wife”- but the assignment was tucked away in the lesson on ‘How a Man Makes the Money work at home” – biblical and common sense input for men regarding the teamwork and responsibilities of marriage, family and thoughtful stewardship of a husbands leadership role regarding money, finances and loving your wife and family enough to plan for the future – with OR without you on the scene.

The Love Letter is focused on providing your bride with important information should she ever need to have answers that you cannot provide – due to illness, inability to communicate, or death. Not something we like to think about, but providing your wife with this type of information really is an act of love – hence the title, “Love Letter”.

What is included in this assignment?  What would you want her to hear as your last words to her? What is the location of your will, living trust, and power of attorney. A list of account names, how to gain access if needed.  Liabilities, how to proceed, who to contact. Any financial advisers to contact, insurance policies, you get the idea – stuff she needs to know IF you are unable to tell her.

This is close to home for me – my Dad has a massive stroke when he was 50 – I was 12 years old at the time…..and he lost his ability to speak, work, provide for his family. My mom made it through this very dark and difficult period of our family journey, but told me many years later that she felt lost those first days, because she didn’t know where anything was!

So, I’m in the middle of completing my love letter to Karen – I’ve provided a link for you below, young man….join me in providing a little security for your bride.

How To Write A Love Letter To Your Wife


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