The BEST Week…

hearts2.10.2014 The BEST week….
To celebrate your relationship
…Or fall into a pool of functional despair!

What should I do, oh what should I do for Valentine’s Day!?  The day sits there each year, begging us to do something…anything…to celebrate God’s goodness in His provision of a partner, spouse, loved one, even our dear children and grandchildren can get in our celebrations!  But our lover and our friend (Song of Solomon 5:16) needs to be celebrated in some special way!

Here is what I’m trying this year, feel free to steal / amend / add to it in any way that helps you tell your sweetheart you love them and thought of them this week!

And that is a small part of my plan – to celebrate in small ways ALL week. Today, for example, I am going to stop at 7-11 and get Karen her favorite candy bar – Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Might even go for the mega-size!  Last night I went to get some ice cream (for myself), and there it was – a 2 for 1 sale on Thrifty’s Ice Cream!  So I got my favorite, picked up Karen’s favorite, and made her smile last night.  (No, my agenda is not to spread her waistline, just to let her know I THOUGHT OF HER…I believe that is the real point of celebrating your relationships on Valentine’s day (or week).

Last week I read an article about how watching romantic movies strengthens your relationship with your sweetheart…really, that’s what the story said! Seriously, here was the headline: Romantic Movies could SAVE your Marriage!

Not to fear, I’m on this one…the next day in Target, there is was…a new romantic movie – The Vow – it’s actually not bad as these films go, so I purchased it, wrapped it up and gave it to Karen last weekend – my pitch was simple – “how about we make dinner together on Valentine’s Day weekend and watch this movie together?!

The response…”well done’ older guy…you’ve still got a few ideas left in that romantic brain of yours!”

Here is the key to this one…you need to actually follow through and watch the movie…and go ahead, drum up your courage and ask your spouse what you could make together that might actually be fun to do!

OK, these are just starter ideas…please feel free to use this post and reply with your best ideas…maybe get some inspiration going for this wonderful week, full of opportunities to say to your sweetheart, “I Still Do”…

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PS. Last thought – IF you do the small gifts all week idea, realize you still need to come through with SOMETHING on Friday – really, don’t be foolish! A card, a reservation, something! You can do this, and enjoy the blessings that come from giving your friend / lover the best gift – your thoughtfulness!

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  1. Isabella Britton says:

    My husband also brought home a little gift yesterday for me I loved it! A valentines singing balloon…