So, whatcha gonna do for your bride for Valentine’s Day?

imagesFebruary 6, 2015

“Uh…..oh yea, just around the corner, isn’t it? Thank you for waking me up!”

So went the brief conversation with a young friend of ours, who was trying to get her creative thoughts flowing – what could she do for her husband this year? Glad to know it wasn’t just me that was just catching up with the turning of the calendar to February~ wasn’t it just Super Bowl Sunday? Yep, and the calendar waits for no man – or woman!

I did think I had “paid it forward” a little bit….we had enjoyed an overnight at our favorite B&B in Dana Point, no surprise they had rooms available on this particular Sunday….we enjoyed the game, the view of the harbor, each other…..42 years and she is still my bride!

But back to reality……I need to think of something…..doesn’t need to be big, fancy, costly…..just thoughtful. Karen has already decorated the living room in her simple Valentine’s motif, a red heart, two cute little bears with red outfits…..and this year she added a multicolored bear that we have a “discussion” going about his relative “cuteness”……Karen thinks he? is adorable…..jury is still out with me!

While I am pondering all the options……here is an idea if you want to “GO BIG”, especially for us husbands……invite her to join you for a marriage conference!

After you revive her, tell her you would love to get some good input on how to grow as husband and wife….how to cultivate a great marriage. One of the best conferences we have attended is coming to “our area” – Chino Hills is close – and the Love and Respect conference has been know to change lives, change marriages ~ SO, this is my BIG idea for the day! The link will get you to the registration page, and I believe early registration is still available (Feb.9), so, check the calendar, make a decision, and bless your sweetheart!

Love & Respect Event Website

Meanwhile, check back soon…..I’ll see what else I might do to bless my bride this week!

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