The Calendar Page Turns…


….and it is February 1st! Which means…..a big sporting event will captivate us this week, leading to lots of planning for how to spend the afternoon next Sunday consuming food, football, and the always ‘entertaining’ marketing creativity displayed in lots of commercials between the quarterback’s snap counts as he refers to his favorite Nebraska city. Omaha will be famous on Sunday!

Sitting with a group of serious minded men yesterday who were doing some planning for the month, the subject of whether or not to schedule a meeting on the Sunday AFTER the football event was on the table – should we meet or not?

“The next Sunday is the 14th, should we meet then?”

“Brother, that’s Valentine’s Day…is it wise to schedule a meeting that afternoon?”

“My wife and I will try to celebrate a day or two before, the restaurants are so crowded that day,” was the wisdom of one married man.

Another husband said to the group, “No matter when you celebrate, make sure you do SOMETHING on that Sunday!” All the heads in the room nod at the exhortation given to this group of husbands…”good advice, bro.”

I ventured a bit of “Marriage pastor” advice… “why not get a jump start and express a little love every day for the next couple of weeks? Something small, thoughtful, given or expressed each day leading up to the 14th might be fun to try – think of something your spouse, children, or person you are close to might enjoy or appreciate- and do it, beginning the first of February!”

“Uh huh, Larry, so what does that look like? What ARE you talking about?”

“It can be anything – a favorite candy on your love’s pillow, a text of love and appreciation, a note to each of your kiddos – whatever you think might be appreciated.  Just think for a minute what would speak ‘love and appreciation’ to your Valentine(s)……and get a little bit intentional the next two weeks!”

“I read a story of one husband who bought a bag of candy “kisses”, and made a small trail of them on the carpet for his wife to see, along with a note,  “I ‘Kiss’ the ground you walk on” – yup, sounds cheesy…..but not to his wife!”

So, welcome to February! Dust off your love languages creativity, make some plans, and have fun blessing those in your life who need to know how much you love and treasure them!

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  1. Sandy Tarr says:

    Love the suggestions!