Marriage Builders

Marriage Builders – a couple’s small group journey to a growing, godly marriage. Questions and answers here! Join other couples for this 20-week study of marriage.

Marriage Builders FAQs

Who should attend Marriage Builders? The Marriage Builders Study is for couples at various stages in their marriages and that includes:

  • Couples with strong marriages that want to deepen and enrich their relationship.
  • Couples who are (or who have been) involved in ministry who recognize that you can lead others no further on the journey than where you are.
  • Newlywed couples that want to establish a firm foundation for their marriage.
  • Couples that have some struggles and are experiencing distance in their relationship.
  • Couples who have serious struggles that threaten their relationship.
  • Couples who have experienced serious break(s) in trust and are:
    • Considering separation or divorce
    • Separated
    • Have filed for divorce

Does someone need to be a Christian or believe in the Bible to attend Marriage Builders? No. People at all stages in their spiritual journey are welcome. However, the Marriage Builder workshops are based on applying biblical truths and principles to our lives. We believe that God’s will for your marriage never conflicts with His Word. The Bible as we state repeatedly is our “true north”, and is a constant source of wisdom, boundaries, and direction for your marriage.

How often do the groups meet? How long is each meeting? How long is the MB course? Groups meet one night each week, for two hours, for twenty weeks.

It may seem like a big commitment, and it is, but your marriage, your family, and your future are worth the effort!

What is the size of the group? Each group starts with 7-8 couples, including the facilitator couple.

Who teaches the group? Facilitators—not teachers, lead groups. Each facilitator couple has been through the course, and they have faced challenges and crisis in their marriages—just like most of the couples that attend Marriage Builders. Each time they lead a group, they continue to work through the material along with you and they share their stories openly and honestly.

What is the curriculum? The Marriage Builders Workbook, comprised of reading and questions to be worked on at home, is used throughout the course. We ask that each spouse reads and answers their questions alone. The best time to share their answers is in the group setting. The text is “The Marriage Builder” by Dr. Larry Crabb.

What is the cost for the course? The cost is $70 per couple and covers all the materials that we will use in the 20 weeks. If the couple is going through financial difficulties, please let us know. Scholarships are available!

What is the time commitment for the reading and homework? It will vary from week to week, but there are approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours of reading and homework each week.

What is the commitment? What is expected of each couple? What is the commitment to the group?

First, prior to signing up for a group, we ask that each spouse make a commitment to God, to themselves, and to each other that they will fully participate for the entire 20 weeks.

The material is cumulative—it builds from week to week, so if a couple misses a week, it takes extra work to catch up. Missing more than one week in the course is not only detrimental for the couple, but the rest of the group suffers too. If there are obvious vacations or extended business travel coming up during the 20 weeks, please wait until your schedule is clear.

Couples are asked to make a commitment to the group to be on time, with homework prepared, and ready to participate. We also ask and expect each group member to honor the MB Guidelines.

What are the group guidelines? The group guidelines keep the groups safe and focused to promote healthy communication. Included in those guidelines are:

  • Communicating openly and honestly
  • Taking responsibility for yourself
  • Encouraging and affirming your spouse
  • Listening attentively
  • Respecting each group member
  • Sharing the joy, the pain, and the incredible journey

What if we have to miss a group? Couples who expect to miss more than one or two groups should wait until they can fully participate. If one spouse has to miss a meeting, we ask that he/she keeps up with the homework, and that the other spouse attends.

A most important requirement. In 1 Peter 5:8, Peter warns us about the enemy:

“Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”

We have seen couples that have joined Marriage Builders come under intense spiritual attack during the 20 weeks of group. Many times these attacks even come while they’re just considering joining a group.

We also believe that God will protect us if we call on Him, and better yet, ask others to call on Him on their behalf; therefore, a requirement for each Marriage Builder couple is that they ask three people to pray for God’s protection for them during the entire course. Each couple must list their prayer-partners’ names on the registration on the first night of group.

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