Weekend to Remember

Looking for a “Marriage Enrichment” weekend? FamilyLife’s “Weekend to Remember” has provided rich marriage wisdom for couples, many here at Trinity Church as well. We highly recommend this weekend as an opportunity to refresh, repair, or restore your marriage commitment.

Spring  “Weekends” include five in California:

Napa 2/15/13-2/17/13
Irvine 4/12/13-4/14/13
Ventura 4/26/13-4/28/13
Ventura 5/05/13-5/05/13
San Francisco (Burlingame) 6/07/13-6/09/13

Visit the FamilyLife website for more information, or contact Larry Shoemaker at (909) 335-7333 x135 or email at lshoemaker@trinityonline.org.